Benefits of a Wood Fence

Benefits of a Wood Fence

Wood fences are undoubtedly the first type of fencing material constructed by humans, and they continue to be a very popular type of fencing material to this day. New England Fences, a fencing contractor based in Southborough, offers the best fencing installation and maintenance services. Learn about the benefits of a wood fence below, and get a free quote today!


Environmentally Friendly

If you are looking for a 100% recyclable fencing material, wood is it. Wood is all-natural, so when your wooden fence ages or you decide to replace it for any reason, you can recycle the wood into mulch or a host of other useful products with no waste.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Wood fences offer a classic and beautiful look and finish that many adore. The choice of wood fence is vast, too, with pine, spruce, cedar, and cypress being very popular varieties. Plus, they come in many different designs, such as split rail, picket, shadowbox, and more to give your home or office space a very unique, customized look.



Wood is a very affordable building material because it's abundant and the process to procure wood is minimal when compared to other types of fencing material that require more mechanical processes.


Increases Your Property's Value

A wood fence offers arguably the best curb appeal. Wood matches any home design or color, so it will always complement the look of your home's exterior. The benefits of a wood fence, such as defining your yard and having a safe place for the kids and pets to play, is worth a lot in the eyes of investors, too.


New England Fences offers wood fencing installation in Eastern Massachusetts. We can work around your schedule to ensure little disturbance to your daily schedule. To get started on a fence you'll love, call for a free quote today!

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