Benefits of an Aluminum Fence

Benefits of an Aluminum Fence

When it comes to fencing, New England Fences, a top-rated fencing contractor in Eastern Massachusetts, can help. We offer both residential and commercial fence installation and maintenance. Our team has almost 10 years of experience, and we love helping our customers have a beautiful, functional fence that offers them many benefits. Below, we'll take a look at the benefits of an aluminum fence. Get a free quote today!



One of the best characteristics of aluminum is that it does not rust. Rust weakens metal and is unsightly. Aluminum also doesn't rot like wood or fade from the sun's powerful UV rays. It's impervious to the weather, too.


Low Maintenance

You don't need to paint or stain an aluminum fence. In fact, the aluminum used in your fence is powder coated, which ensures the paint is fused to the metal. You may want to clean your fence from time to time so that it looks good, but it's not necessary in order to keep it functional.


Offers Security

Aluminum is a very tough material that is more secure than a lot of other fencing materials. It is hard for intruders to both climb and cut through, adding another barrier to entrance to your home or office space.



Aluminum is a very affordable material, as opposed to wrought iron or steel fences that boast very similar looks. Aluminum fencing is relatively easy to manufacture and because it's lightweight, there's not as much material involved, which helps to keep the price down.


New England Fences is proud to offer both residential and commercial fences throughout Eastern Massachusetts, including Southborough. We offer a variety of fencing materials, including aluminum, to meet your needs and preferences. To get started,

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